Team Vaillante - About

2023 constitutes an exceptional year in the history of Michel Vaillant because it coincides with the 100th anniversary of the 24 hours of Le Mans, that a Vaillante participates in the race, that Jean Graton, author of the fiction, would have been 100 years old this year, and that the album “La Cible” whose plot is set on the legendary Le Mans circuit was released on June 2.

It is on this occasion that since June 2023, Team Vaillante was born, embodying the community of enthusiasts of Michel Vaillant, motorsport and competition.

After having conquered the fictional world through comics and the real world with Vaillante on the automobile tracks, this community project accompanies the exploration of a 3rd dimension: the virtual.

Being a member of Team Vaillante means:

  • Explore a new era that merges the universe of Michel Vaillant with new digital experiences.
  • Participate in events, games and quests that unite our community.
  • Compete against the community in a friendly spirit and achieve the best ranking in each season, the first of which ends soon with the launch of the limited Art Strips collection “Team Vaillante”.
  • Strengthen links and exchange directly on Discord with passionate people.
  • Propose your ideas to develop the Team Vaillante community.

If you are not yet on Discord - the preferred place of exchange for the community - join us quickly:

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